Can Luxury Perfumes be Affordable?

It has been a common consensus these days that everyone wishes to find perfumes that smell expensive but are extremely affordable. Every perfume enthusiast or even a normal customer looking to purchase a perfume, can admit to searching dupes of iconic luxury perfumes. What is it about perfumes that make us go on a hunt to look for that statement fragrance? To add another layer to this, we tend to look for perfumes that don’t raise our accountant’s eyebrows.  

The desire to wear the most luxurious perfume in the room isn't a current occurrence. It dates back to centuries. Everyone went for perfumes that served as a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into creating a truly luxurious scent.

Are you hoping to find a scent that makes you smell expensive and keep people around you guessing? There isn't a better time to shop for extraordinary perfumes that make you smell like a billion bucks and you wouldn't actually have to pay a billion bucks. Bergamot Beauté introduces perfumes with high end fragrance prowess at rather affordable prices. Be it the deep richness of Exotic Plum or the modern day masculinity to Gentleman, all the perfumes in the Bergamot Beauté exudes pure luxury. 

Valentine - Sublime sensuality and femininity

Serenade yourself with the ethereal sensuality and undeniable charm of Valentine 

This scent has been created to bring the ultimate combo of romance and luxury. Valentine was curated with luxurious notes, expertly crafted and ready to be gifted to loved ones on special occasions. The inspiration behind creating this scent was to bring the opulent feeling of love in a bottle.

Exotic Plum - A seductive scent

Upon spraying, this lavishly deep and warm scent is guaranteed to take your breath away. This luxurious blend awakens the senses and leaves a seductive spell behind with its blend of tender plum and deepness of sandalwood. All the more, this seductress in a bottle is not gonna burn your pocket. 

Boss- Unapologetically Boss

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. This fragrance encapsulates the essence of empowerment and hustle to inspire the Boss within you. It is also incredibly adaptable, working for both daytime million-dollar meetings and the most glitzy evening events.

Gentleman - Honouring the true Gentleman

The concept of a gentleman is based on the pillars of luxury and refinement. A true gentleman appreciates the finer things in life and represents a man who balances love for luxury and credibility. The perfumes at Bergamot Beauté are not only affordable, but are built with expert craftsmanship and the highest concentration of the fragrance oil.

Bergamot Beauté comes with sophisticated and modern blends, which last all day long and come with a purse friendly tag. Check the launch perfumes here and you are going to be waiting for the coming launches!