How can I make the perfume last longer on my skin?

Spritzing your favourite perfume is like transcending to the realm of your favourite aromas. Perfumes are a great way to express yourself and make a statement. They are made up of a combination of base notes, middle notes, and top notes, which combine to create a unique scent, yet very familiar to yourself. One of the most controversial topics of conversation among perfumers is The Murphy's Law. According to this, the perfume you enjoy the most only lingers for a brief period of time, whereas the scent you dislike the most clings to your olfactory receptors despite or perhaps because of this resilience.

So, how can your favourite perfume last longer? Below we have shared some very useful tips that will make your scent flourish throughout the day

  1. Fragrance Primer: Fragrance Primers are very similar to make up primers, that is, using a base coat to enhance longevity of the product. Priming entails complimenting the scent of your perfume with the scent of other bath and body products.If vanilla is your preferred aroma, for example, you can use body wash and lotion that has vanilla extract to increase the sillage of your perfume. It is best to apply the perfume on your pulse points immediately after the shower.  Apply body oils or body lotions with a smell that is similar to the fruity or flowery notes in your perfume. Vaseline is a common household item which can be used as a base as well. Apply vaseline to your pulse points, followed by spraying the perfume on the respective points.
  2. Layering: The process of layering involves blending two fragrances with varying olfactory potencies. This not only prolongs the life of your perfume but also aids in creating a signature scent, specifically made for you, by you. It is advisable to layer a milder fragrance over an overpowering aroma. The first one would be less noticeable at first but would become more prominent  over time to reveal itself as the fragrance's base note. For instance, cedarwood or sandalwood can be used in combination with a transient scent like citrus.
  3. Don’t Rub: The most basic tip for increasing the perfume’s lasting power is to not rub the perfume. By rubbing the perfume, we are stripping the top layer of the perfume and the top notes fade away sooner than intended. The best way to spritz your perfume is to spray it on your pulse points and let it sink into your skin. 
  4. Understand the different categories of perfumes: The primary way of categorising perfumes is on the basis of their strength or tenacity. The strength of the perfume is determined solely by the fragrance concentration.  Fragrance concentrations varies as per the following categories 
  1. Pure Parfum: Pure Parfum has the highest level of fragrance oil concentration amongst all categories. The concentration ranges from 20% to almost 30%. Due to the high level of fragrance concentration, the alcohol used is comparatively less, making it a safe option for those with sensitive skin. Pure Parfum always sits at the luxury side of the perfume spectrum due to their long lasting power, stretching up to 24 hours. 
  2. Eau De Perfume: Eau De perfumes have the second highest concentration of fragrance oils, fluctuating from 15% to 20%. Though the ingredients have a slightly higher concentration of water and alcohol, the fragrance oil concentration is still pretty high. The longevity of Eau De Perfume rounds up to 7 to 8 hours making it a good option for special evenings and outings.
  3.  Eau De Toilette: The name Eau De Toilette has been inspired from the french morning rituals of grooming. Eau De Toilette has a lower concentration of fragrance oils and more concentration of alcohol and water, the aroma ingredients having a concentration range of 8% to 12% .The notes, which at first might seem overbearing, will quickly settle down on the skin to leave a gentle impression of freshnes. It holds more volatile notes than an Eau de Parfum, which means it tends to be less long-lasting on the skin, staying for 5 to 6 hours.
  4. Eau De Cologne: This is essentially the oldest type of perfume, reaching back to the 14th century. With a typical concentration of 4% to 6%, colognes have one of the lowest concentrations of any type of perfume. Hence, their lasting power is also directly proportional, lasting for about 3 to 4 hours and are usually inexpensive.
  5. Eau De Fraiche: The last category is Eau De Fraiche. These perfumes are made with the lowest concentration of fragrance oils, with just a meagre 1% to 3%. This results in a comparatively less lasting power of 2 hours. Due to the lower aromatic concentration, these perfumes are not highly priced and are good for those who wish to experiment with different luxury fragrances within a budget.

These are some basic tips and knowledge to help your perfume stay on all day. In addition to the above mentioned tips, it is imperative to understand that lasting perfumes are those perfumes which have managed to nail the formulations down to the right metrics. The more well crafted the perfume is, and the better concentration of perfume oil it has,  the higher long  lasting power it will possess. At Bergamot Beaute, we have developed not only the most stimulating fragrances but also the most well formulated Pure Parfums, specifically designed to last for a long time.