Luxury Notes, Luxury Perfumes

The importance of notes is grounded in the understanding that notes of a perfume create the core formation of a balanced and accordant fragrance, that appeals to the senses. The notes in a perfume also contribute to the longevity of the perfumes. More importantly, the end result of the perfume is purely dependent on the elegant depth and complexity of each blend. The more luxurious the combination of notes is, the more luxurious the aroma will be. 

Every perfume enthusiast hopes to enhance their perfume library with all ranges of scents, from classics and timeless to newer and more experimental ones. The luxurious touch to the perfume comes from the correct match of notes depending on their sophistication and appeal. If you are trying to include more luxurious perfumes, try finding perfumes which have some commonly found luxury notes like:

Oud: The unique fragrance of Oud  is commonly used in high end perfumes due to its pleasantly complex scent profile, that can range from woody and smoky to sweet and spicy. Oud has a highly valued and sought-after fragrance that is considered exotic and one of a kind.

Sandalwood: Many luxury perfumes feature sandalwood as a key ingredient  to add sophistication and desirability. Sandalwood has a warm and woody aroma giving a creamy, balsamic and slightly sweet feel.

Jasmine: Jasmine is often considered a highly luxurious and romantic scent due to its sweet floral aroma with hints of fruitiness. Jasmine is commonly used in the top or heart notes of a perfume. The instant gush of jasmine in the top note leaves a sweet and innocent first impression. Its sultry and seductive fragrance makes it a prized note, especially for luxury perfumes.

Bergamot: This is another luxury note that is preferred in many perfumes due to its fresh and bright aroma that is both uplifting and invigorating. Bergamot is renowned for its relaxing and stress relieving qualities. It is also a good pair with floral and spicy notes to create a more nuanced fragrance.

Rose: Rose is a classic note used to enhance the luxury associated with the perfume.It has a sweet and rich aroma that is both sophisticated and romantic. This scent of roses has been a highly valued note for centuries since its association with romance,beauty and elegance.

Along with the notes mentioned above, some other prominently luxurious notes are ylang-ylang, Patchouli, Iris and many many more. The experts here at Bergamot Beauté make sure to include these notes in the scent profile of each perfume. A mix of expert craftsmanship and the luxurious legacy of these notes, Pure Parfums of Bergamot Beauté as not to be missed!