The Process of Layering

Everything about perfumes is an art form, from learning about the many chemicals to choosing the ideal bottle, building your own perfume collection, and even knowing how to wear it. Layering is a very personalised way of experimenting with this form of art. In simple words, layering is the process of combining two different scents which blend to create an entirely unique scent. However, layering can't be explained in such simple words, rather it is about understanding the intricate nuances of this very experimental procedure, backed with technical knowledge.

By Layering two or more fragrances, you can create a range of individualised scents that are just as significant as the memories and emotions they are associated with. It also helps in creating your signature scent which echoes your personality and true essence. The fact that it is an amusing way of enhancing your olfactory senses is a plus!

The rules to be respected while using the technique of layering are vital to create a scent that you like rather than a mismatched blend of notes. The first rule is to use less fussy fragrances first, followed by the rather complex and intense scents. Vanilla based scents can be used in the initial spray followed by floral or fruity scents to enhance the sensory experience. The delicacy of rose is well complemented by the woody nature of oud. Similarly, the depth of sandalwood can be accentuated by the fresh notes of citrus.

Another point to consider is the intensity and tenacity of the perfume and its type. In Eau De Toilette, the perfume concentration ranges from 10% to 15% and in Pure Parfum it exceeds from 15% to 20%. Hence it is advised that the first layer is of your choice of Pure Parfum, which will also act as the base note. Followed by this should be a layer of your favourite Eau De Toilette, whose fragrance will shine through in the top and middle notes.

The technique of layering is of two types, either you spray the first layer on specific points followed by the second layer on the respective points or you spray the two different fragrances on different pulse points of your body. Through both the ways, a unique and personalised fragrance arises, envisioned and curated specifically by you

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